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White-crested waves
Crash on the sand.
Sweeping it out
To the wild sea.

Mercy waves washing
Over my soul
Sweep me into
His ocean of love.

The Forerunner

A herald came drifting from the sky
And alighted on my sleeve.
He sizzled out his message
Before melting away,
His errand done.

Soon, others of his kind came,
Advancing with the wind.
They overtook the grey sky
And the frozen earth,
Wrapping it in a pale shroud.

Fireside Mysteries

Dancing flames are burning low.
Faces lit by ruddy glow.
A half-circle 'round the hearth.

Drawing near to hear the tale
Of a baby, young and frail,
Born into a winter night.

Mystery - God made flesh,
Ancient story told afresh.
The embodiment of love.

Love that still is ours today,
And will never pass away.
Born for all eternity.

Peace to each and every heart,
Sealed, protected, set apart.
God made flesh among us dwells.