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Coffee with the most irritating person I know

Well, well, look who's finally returned to her dusty little blog!  In my defense (if I actually need one), I have been quite sick over the past few weeks, and haven't accomplished much besides lying about or trying to coax food into my stomach. I haven't forgotten about my promise of character introductions. I'm just a trifle late on the delivery.  Several of you fine folks expressed an interest in Thatch, and since he is one of my favorite characters to write, I decided to start by have a coffee and a chat with him. It was near-death by sarcasm, I can tell you, and I certainly hope you all appreciate the pains I went through to bring you this very exclusive interview.

Thatch squints over my shoulder.

"Is that actually supposed to be me?" He asks.

"It was the best thing I could find." I say. "And I forgot my camera today, so..." I don't want to tell him my original thought: that the man in the photo is far too clean and well-dressed to be…