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The Girl in the Woods: Old Alice's Story

"There was this girl who lived in the woods. Some folks called her a witch and all, but I never set much store by that. Between one thing and another, she got to be our local legend, and most everyone claimed to have seen her. Some folks were probably telling the truth, a lot of them were just making it up, you know. But the girl was real, and I know because I saw her."
   Old Alice paused, waiting for her granddaughter to prompt with a question.
   Young Alice leaned forward expectantly. "What did she look like?"
   "Well, no-one could tell you that. It was her eyes, you see, they were so big and deep, and they just sorta pulled you in so you couldn't look at anything else to notice it. But this girl, she had a way with animals. They just followed her around everywhere. Wild animals, you know, deer and rabbits and such, but they were just tame as tame for her. That's why folks called her a witch. But I never believed in witches. I think some folks…


So many silent tales
 Of little things   Who came and went...
 And left behind
 Their riddles
 Lightly traced
 Upon the snow
 For I, the reader,
 To unravel step by step
 And leave my own enigma
 Just behind.
 Dodge, turn, retrace...
 A woodland dance
 These stories woven deep
 In winter's song.

My Sorrow

Some things have passed,
Unsorrowed, from this world,
The beautiful and brave
Unwept, forgotten,
And things I long to know,
I never will,
Swept onward by the
Carelessness of men...
These things I mourn
With full and tender heart
And teardrops fall
For those I could not save...
I give them all the tribute that I can -
And a promise for tomorrow.