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Rain (in Five Parts)

We squinted upwards
At the glaring sun,
And stared with hope
The gathered clouds
And all our talk was
Rain and rain,
Our prayers ascending
From a dusty land.

In jags of light,
Our answer came
At last,
With distant rumbles drawing
Ever near.
We stood and felt the earth
Draw closer in,
Expectant, now, beneath
The shadowed sky.

The raindrops come,
A sprinkling at first,
And dance for us
In fragrant tracery;
With steady pause,
They patter in the dust
And lift a tiny whirlwind
Drop and drop.

We spread our hands,
Unspeaking in our glee,
Our wordless thanks
In each daub
That paints the earth
A deeper shade of brown.

With joyous shouts,
The storm
Blows in full force
And hushes all the land
With steady rain;
Renews us each
In strangely separate ways
And sends us on
Our paths,
Refreshed and clean.

I Thought, Today, of You

I thought, today, of you;
Remembered all the things
You would have said,
And heard the very words
You would have used
To fashion me
A portrait of your thoughts.

Although our paths
Have long since parted ways,
Our hearts, I think,
Have trod a middle road
Unparted and unaged by time or change,
Throughout the years remaining

This is actually a bit of an oldie. I'm not sure why I never got around to posting it.