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Night Flight

Small lights
Shining far below,
Afloat in a sea of darkness.
Beacons guiding
Toward new adventures.


This poem still feels a bit choppy. Perhaps I should mess around with the meter some more?

A thousand feet pound the paving stones
Following the lure of modernity.
Pressing toward a future that can never be.

A thousand minds race madly on,
Ignoring the hope they are searching for.
Never stopping to realize there's nothing more.

A thousand people ask in vain
The meaning of life without accepting
The only simple answer: Christ sacrificing.


This one still feels a little rough to me.

Rain beats on the wind shield.
The wipers are doing double time.
Lightning dances across the sky
To the drumroll of thunder.
Why must I sit,
Imprisoned in safety,
When I want to run with the storm,
Arms outspread,
Heart thudding with the thunder,
And feel the wet rain-kisses
On my cheek?


Such broken and halting things
Never saying what I want to say.
Brushing the bloom from my lovely thoughts
And blurting them out in such a blunt way.


Broken dreams
And shattered hearts.
What hope can pierce the gloom?
Can the flower of forgiveness
Open to full bloom?

Ruined lives,
Dark memories,
Scenes that hate has painted.
Can the future generations
Arise untainted?

Healing words,
Hearts full of love,
Amid the deep despair.
Light-bearers with lives of truth
Bring forgiveness there.