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Daily Poem

At times, I am very much a sentimental fool. This first poem proves that fact. 

November 16 Some places Still hold memories of you, Of echoes that will neither Live nor die 'Til you return And put the old at rest - Remember all our dreams And make them new.
And no, this is not about me being in love with anyone. I just thought I'd clarify, since I know that's what you're thinking. ;-)
November 17 My life in a notebook: Rhymes, thoughts, ideas Crowd for space Against a recipe or two, Half-finished stories And a list Of many things I'll never do.
November 18 The world is full Of misconceptions... Silly people Thinking silly thoughts... And we, No wiser than the rest, Pass judgment On them all.
It occurred to me today that people almost never write poetry for November. There are multitudes of poems for the months of bright leaves, and a generous handful of verse for the snowy months, but nothing for poor, naked November.
November 19 Someone, write a poem for November, The p…

Daily Poem

Erm...I'm late. Desculpe. 

You might recognize this first one as being a more structured version of one of last week's poems. 

November 7
A silver moon
A silver dawn
A silver silence
Carried on
The rushing wings
Of frosty air.
And I?
Well, I do not belong
I am too permanent
And strong.
I crush the transience
Of frost
Beneath my feet
And it is lost.

November 10
Break the silence
Not the dream.
Nothing lasts forever.
Dream-worlds may
Erode and fall
But silent things are stronger.

You knew there had to be a piece of utterly inexcusable doggerel somewhere. Well, here it is:

November 11
East or West,
Home is best...
I'd like a home
Both East and West.

November 12
Contentment here
With what I have -
The things that are
Or are to be.
A fire clicking
In the stove,
A book at rest
Upon my knee.
The evening hours
Are a time
Of peace and warmth
And glowing light.
A homely hearth,
A labor done,
And pleasant fancies
Taking flight.

Daily Poem

Poetically speaking, this has been a far-from stellar week. Nothing rhymed. I missed a few days. I really wasn't sure if I wanted to post at all. But I suppose this will be good for my humility, if nothing else.

November 1
Shaking with excitement,
I can not sleep tonight -
God's go-ahead resounding
In my ears -
A new chapter
Of this life I have on loan.

Obviously, I didn't do much sleeping this week. :-/ 

November 2
Sleep runs away
On swiftest feet.
I strive
(In vain)
To catch her.

November 3(etched into my notebook page with an ink-less pen)
'Blessed is he
Who has not seen
But has believed'.

I ache for that day
When I can
Truly see.

November 4
What shall I write?
There are no words,
Only empty lines
To mock me
With their stubborn silence.
A man once said
That writing about writing
Is what folks do
Instead of writing.
I think I see now
What he meant.

Oh goody! A two-fer! I think the second one might be dead, though.

A silver moon,
A silver dawn,
A silver silenc…