Daily Poem

At times, I am very much a sentimental fool. This first poem proves that fact. 

November 16
Some places
Still hold memories of you,
Of echoes that will neither
Live nor die
'Til you return
And put the old at rest -
Remember all our dreams
And make them new.

And no, this is not about me being in love with anyone. I just thought I'd clarify, since I know that's what you're thinking. ;-)

November 17
My life in a notebook:
Rhymes, thoughts, ideas
Crowd for space
Against a recipe or two,
Half-finished stories
And a list
Of many things I'll never do.

November 18
The world is full
Of misconceptions...
Silly people
Thinking silly thoughts...
And we,
No wiser than the rest,
Pass judgment
On them all.

It occurred to me today that people almost never write poetry for November. There are multitudes of poems for the months of bright leaves, and a generous handful of verse for the snowy months, but nothing for poor, naked November.

November 19
Someone, write a poem for November,
The poor and pallid doorstep
Of December.
She cannot boast October's gypsy graces,
Or snow to cover all her
Shabby places.
Summer garments withering and rotten,
November shivers, lonely
And forgotten.


The old hag
Of November
Rubs her bony hands
And shivers
At October's
Vacant hearth.

Aaand that's where I quit. :-/


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