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July has been a good month for almost everything except writing. So, instead of trying to pull out a Bits & Snatches post from the scrawny bits of writing I have accomplished, I thought I'd introduce you to some characters from my two novels-in-progress...and give you a chance to better the acquaintance by letting me know which ones you'd like to hear more about. They're all a bit unruly, and some are rough around the edges and decidedly hard to like. But if you find yourself loving (or disliking) one more than the others, please let me know in the comments. 

Then come back throughout the month for some fun character interviews and (who knows) maybe even a short story or two.

Haunted by memories, hunted by nightmares come to life,
Janus flees into a world of plots and secrets where
her faith - and her sanity - are put to the test.

- Janus Moore -
I felt a hysterical giggle welling up inside of me. Unable to control it, I collapsed against the tiles in a fit of laughter. “I’m in h-h-handcuffs.” I stated in response to Hadia’s shocked expression. I swallowed another giggle and sat up, lifting both hands to wipe my eyes. “I’m sorry. ‘Tis just such a...ludicrous notion. I...I’m a dangerous criminal!” I chuckled. “Do you know, Hadia, I’m a schoolteacher. It doesn’t get much tamer than that, does it? Schoolma’am Moore in handcuffs. How my students would stare if they could see me now.” -
I felt my determination rising with my words. I lifted my chin defiantly and let each word fall with deliberation. “I have a habit of being stronger than anyone believes.”

- Thatch -
“The floor stands open for a discussion of the Divine nature, or the deep truths lodged in the human soul.” Thatch waved a hand invitingly, “You can share first. I’m all ears.”

“I never took you for a student of the Divine nature or deep truths of the soul.”

“You wound me! I am perfectly amenable to belief in some god or other. Whether or not he believes in me is another matter entirely; however, I confess that I will need some convincing on the other matter.”

“Watch out!” I snapped, “You might find yourself being honest...or worse, virtuous!”

“Small fear of that.”

- Hadia -
She leaned forward and placed her hand firmly on my shoulder. I looked up into her ice-blue eyes and saw a strength there that underscored her words. “We three give you our word as soldiers and as true servants of Eyad that we will never betray your secrets.” She clapped her clenched fist to her chest and the other two followed suit, their pale faces stern and strong.

- Crab Singletree -
“There is a legend among we of the Dyami that our earliest people, our...what would you say? Ancestors...were formed from rock. I do not know if this is the truth, but it is certain that we are a hard people. Others have died, yet we live. Others forget, yet we remember. Others may love, but we carry our hate down the long years. Life has been always difficult, but always we survive. But now, I wonder, is that still the truth?” - "We of the Dyami are more than savage mining folk."

God of Wind and Fire
As war clouds gather over their homeland, Altan and Baatar 
stand back-to back and prepare for yet another fight. 
But the strange teachings of a wandering priest shake
the very foundations of their commitment to their gods, 
their traditions, and even each other.

- Altan -
Altan flung up her head. “Glad would I be to spill my life’s blood in honor’s pursuit. Then I might pace the halls of the hereafter with no trace of shame.” -
“I know not your customs.” The khan spoke up. “It may be that they differ somewhat from our own. But surely a woman’s place it at the stew pot, and not the midst of a war council?”

Altan ceased her pacing and stood squarely in front of the khan. “Speak that but once more, and I may skewer you with such holes that you never hope to hold your stew again.”

- Baatar -
Baatar took a long sip of chai, arranging his thoughts carefully before he replied. “Was it not vengeance that brought destruction on the Grass People? Is it not the fear of reprisal that drove our family to this place, where we must stand alone against all dangers? In all our travelling, I have seen that bloodshed leads but to more bloodshed. Altan, have we not had enough of killing?”

Her expression registered astonishment. “What madness seizes you, that you would see our family honor threatened, and do nothing to amend it?”

“How many must die for the sake of one?” He said, quietly.

- Gerel -
“Ah, baby sister! But no...you are grown...and I would scarcely know you. Come and let us be acquainted once again!”

So, who's it going to be? Comment below!


  1. I'm very much looking forward to getting to know these characters. I am especially intrigued by Thatch and Baatar. (And from the vignette Altan reminds me of Éowyn combined with Gimil).

    1. That is actually a really good description of Altan.

      Thanks for the input.

  2. ALL OF THEM!!!!
    Okay, so first:
    Janus, Crab, Altan, Baatar, and Gerel.
    Also, because I know some of Thatch from your snippets, Thatch, too.
    And Hadia.
    Wait! Is that all of them?
    Yep. All. And that's my final answer.

    1. Ha! Thanks for the 'help'. Your enthusiasm is at least encouraging, even if it doesn't assist me very much in making up my mind.

    2. Let your characters pick the order of presentation.
      In other words, start with the ones that are strong in your mind. As you do one, another comes to the forefront. Eventually there will only be a couple left, and you can intentionally turn your focus to them to get to know them better as you prepare their posts.

    3. Thanks for the advice. Working in that order could definitely be helpful. I have such a hard time choosing. And the strongest characters aren't always the easiest to write.


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