The Smile

Well, this one's still a bit ragged 'round the edges. But I'm not quite sure how I should fix it up. Hmm...

I looked around, but I knew no one there
My timid smile was met by blankest stare.
Uprooted, and utterly alone
That chill thought struck me deeply to the bone.

Among strangers who did  not know or care,
With rituals in which I could not share,
I began to slowly draw away
The edges of my smile began to fray.

I took one last, despairing look around
Before my gaze was fastened to the ground.
I met with the welcome of your eyes
And my heart filled with gladdening surprise.

I saw in you a sympathetic soul,
Who recognized the ragged, gaping hole
Throbbing in my newly displaced heart.
My hopeless struggle to make a fresh start.

Two glances met, we briefly shared a smile,
The first I'd met with in a weary while.
Transplanted, but not so much alone,
My heart put out a root into the stone.


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