As I sat, gazing out to sea,
Sprightly Muse came up to me.
She beckoned with a dainty hand,
Then danced away across the sand.
Her dark hair floated out behind
And cast a spell upon my mind.
I felt that I must follow her,
The tidal world became a blur -
A shapeless grey monotony -
Of rolling sand and rolling sea.

I churned the tide foam with my feet,
Muse ran before me, lithe and fleet.
My straining fingers tried to clasp
Her garment in a clutching grasp,
But she seemed immaterial,
Fair, remote, ethereal.
Always she evaded me,
Heedless of my frantic plea
For her to stop and stay awhile.
She mocked me with a charming smile
Flung back through her dusky hair
As she looked 'round and saw me there
Panting hopelessly behind
By sad mortality confined.

I gathered strength for one more try,
And, dashing forward with a cry,
Brushed her clothing with my hand,
Then tumbled to the sodden sand.

I quickly glanced, but Muse had gone
Swiftly, silently withdrawn,
And carelessly abandoned me
To weep beside the ebbing sea.


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