If We Could All Stop Walking for a Moment


If we could all stop
Walking for a moment
And let the silence filter
Through the leaves,
I'm almost sure we'd
Overhear the splendor
God whispers back and forth
Between the trees. 


  1. I love a good walk in the woods. I usually find it very hard to be still, quite the fidgety person, but I did use to enjoy sitting very still in the woods, listening to the animals. I really like this one, Janie - as always.

    My blog is not big at all, but I would love if you would guest post some of your poetry. Think about it. Hillary

    1. Thanks for the comment...and compliments! I sent you a message about guest posting via Google Friend Connect...never done that before, so I'm curious if you got it.

  2. Are you going to.. or shall I... call a publisher?

  3. Comments! Yay! Thanks for taking the time to read and share your thoughts.


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