May Bits & Snatches

There were 5 people (5 whole people) who were good enough to show interest in the snippet of my novel-in-progress that I posted a couple of weeks ago.

I know, I know, that sounds a bit pitiful, doesn't it? But those 5 people are 5 more than have been interested before. And for a writer as unassuming as myself, that level of interest is enormous. It means that, maybe, there are even more (non-relative) folks out there who could possibly care about the people and the worlds and the stories into which I've poured my creativity and prayers and energies. And that is an encouraging thought.

I have reached a point where I write mainly for an audience of two: God, and myself. And I am well pleased as long as I know that I'm consistently pushing towards fulfillment of His standards and the increase of my own ability. But still, appreciation from other human beings is rather nice, and of course, the day will come when I'll no longer be able to increase my abilities on my own and I'll need the help of others to proof-read and critique and all of that. Because of that, and because I now know that some people, somewhere, are actually interested in my fictional friends, I've decided to start sharing a bit more of my story in progress in the form of a monthly collection of favorite quotes. I got this idea from several other literary blogs that I read, and I feel like it's a great way to share a story without giving away too much of the plot. It will also keep ME accountable to writing (albeit at my inevitable turtle pace) in order to have a bit of something new to share. So, without further ado, I beg to introduce The Aspiring Bard's first ever

Bits & Snatches

He lifted the coffee pot, then set it down again as a new thought struck him. “One other thing. Can you cook?”

“A bit.” I admitted, cautiously.

“Even a fool must eat, and I believe I’m slowly poisoning myself.” Thatch lifted the frying pan from the fire and held it out to reveal a doubtful-looking mess of burnt eggs. “See, I can’t even fry a proper egg.”

I leaned over and grimaced into the pan.

- - -
Source unknown
- - -

"You are not bundling me back into that wheelbarrow." I swayed on unsteady legs, clutching the rim of a barrel for support, but my glare did not break contact with Thatch's eyes.

"Oh, come now!" Thatch cajoled. "'Twasn't so bad. If you'd only seen all the holes I so carefully avoided..."

"If you'd only been swaddled under a blanket of fresh fish! I could taste them for days."

"There will be no fish involved this time. I give you my word." Thatch touched his hand to his heart and bowed in mock solemnity.

- - -

"Please." I whispered, "I'm too tired to fight. Can't you...take me to heaven? 'Tis just a...little way."

One of the travelers leaned in close and spoke. "I think I need you to take me."

I was baffled. "Don't you know the way?"

"I lost it. Long ago." Our hands twined together and I felt the force of the other's urgency. "Please, I think you are my last chance."

Oh, very well.

- - -
I wish that {they} could know where I am. That I tried. I tried so hard and got so close...  
- - -

Hungry for more? I occasionally participate in #wordplaywednesday and #inkpenauthoress over on Instagram, along with The Inkpen Authoress and others, so you can follow along each Wednesday for the chance of seeing some more bits of story. There are some really intriguing snippets that show up there and it's always great fun to see what others are writing.


  1. Gah! Why was he hiding under fish in a wheelbarrow? Talk about a hook! Now I want a spoiler!
    Or...better yet...when is this story going to be finished so I can read the whole thing? :D

  2. I really liked this, I want to read the novel once it is done!

  3. Currently, I really only have time and mental energy to write on some weekends or if I manage to get up really early. So unfortunately, it will be awhile before the first draft is complete. Until then, I will continue to tantalize you in a cruel manner. ;-)

    Thanks for the enthusiasm, by the way! It really does push me to keep typing away.


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