Bits & Snatches: So This is the Stuff of Legend

The results of semi-industrious writing during the month of which my poor main character gets stuffed into yet another tiny space. Enjoy!
“Well, to be perfectly honest, ‘twas your cooking. I pictured to myself the long days of slow starvation. The burnt eggs, the flapjacks, the general blackness of it all.”
[He] was handsome in an ordinary way, with features that were good, but not remarkable. He was small and slight, with hazel eyes and long-fingered hands that were both in constant, restless motion; an entirely forgettable man who seemed slightly anxious not to be forgotten.


“So this is the stuff of legend.” The man commented.

Thatch shifted a non-committal shoulder. “More or less.”


“So we stay with the plan?” I frowned, remembering how sternly Thatch had insisted that I let him do all the talking, at least at first.

He shrugged. “Let’s just hope that our enemy’s enemy actually is our friend. And, yes, I see no reason to alter the plan...especially that part.” He studied my unsatisfied face, grinning slightly. “You and your temper could probably make a hash out of any negotiation.”

And you, of course, are the epitome of tact and charm.


I thought back to when I’d entered Vayde by water. “I’m certain there’ll be guards at the water gate.” I said.

“Sure there will be. But this man has a smuggler’s craft.”

“What’s so special about it?”

“A hold, hidden beneath the cabin. ‘Tis small, of course. Has to be, or someone’d notice that the draft was wrong, but a man can do well for himself if he fills such a space with the right kind of goods.”

“And I suppose I’ll be the goods, this time around?”

“That’s the idea. ‘Twill be cramped, but you might take it as a mercy, in the end. This boatman could chat your ear off, given half the chance.”

My ear caught the approach of footsteps. “And may Heaven help us both.”

I thought, but could not be sure, that Thatch voiced a soft but fervent "Amen."


  1. Once again, Janie, you have only whet my appetite for more...
    I'm loving these snippets.

    1. Thanks! I'm so glad that you're enjoying them! It's fun for me to look back at a month's worth of writing and pick out my favorite bits to share here.


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