Two Pictures + A Story Link-Up

Today it occurred to me that I haven't written any short stories in a long time. 

Short stories are fun and satisfying and give me a place to try out new characters and settings and writing styles.

I like writing short stories.

So I decided to go search out a little inspiration and get to scribbling.

In the midst of a search through some of my favorite blogs for interesting link-ups, writing prompts, ideas, or virtually anything to get my writing gears in motion, I was struck by the astonishing idea of why don't you just make your own? So I wended my way Pinterest-ward, opened up the pinboards I've created for Images that Should End Up in a Story Someday, and blindly selected two of them.  

I'll be writing some fiction based off the below images, and it probably won't be brilliant, but at least it will be better than the nothing I've been writing lately.

And, just for fun, I created a link-up so you can join in if you feel so inclined.

Fun, fun for everyone!




  1. I'm looking forward to seeing what story you come up with, inspired by these images! :) And, I'm not making any promises of a finished product, but that last photo has gotten me scheming. ;)

    1. I completely understand the whole 'maybe I can't finish it' thing. BUT PLEASE, IF YOU CAN, DO.

      Because I want to see it. :D


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