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Moonlight on Snow

Silver enchantment,
The sheen of moonlight on snow.
Pale crystal in stars above
And in ice below.

Sparkling colors,
Chilly shades of blue go dancing.
Magical flecks of moonlight
On the snow glancing.

A weird fairyland
Unfolding beneath the moon.
Ice colors, all a-shining
Dance to winter's tune.


Tearing my breath away,
Snatching the warmth from my body.
Bracing myself, I rock and sway,
Leaning against the fierce gusts.

Head bent  against the blast,
Examining the hoary ground.
My fearful little shadow cast
Sharply on the wind-swept white.

A timid rabbit trail
Erratically wanders the snow;
Light footprints and a downy tail
As he hopped from bush to bush.

Because of the wind,
I notice the smallest details.
Because my head must always bend,
I observe these simple things.


Gone! Gone Gone!
They have sailed away
Over the sea,
Nevermore to return to me.

Lost! Lost! Lost!
They have all left to
Wander and roam,
Leaving me to an empty home.

Dead! Dead! Dead!
They have gone away
Over the years,
Leaving me to lament in tears.


Werewolf snarls,
White teeth gleaming in the moonlight.
Hags and ogres
Lurk in the shadowy corners.
Dread monsters
Waiting to snatch all who pass by.
Standing in the doorway, afraid.
Cold fingers grope for the light switch.
Friendly light
Illuminates the dark corners.
All is well,
There are no fearsome monsters here.
Light has chased them all away.