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Sweethearts For a Day

Come sing a song of memory -
That time we sat beneath a tree
And you asked, "will you marry me?"
So I replied, all properly,
"You'll have to wait and see."

I gifted you my ten-cent ring,
And you gave me a rusty spring.
And then you pushed me in the swing
We'd made with boards and bits of string.
It was the grandest thing!

We wandered happily all day -
Our clothing daubed with wet and clay -
We set our active minds astray
And drifted far and far away
To a joyful land of play.

The brilliant noon-time slowly passed
To evening shadows creeping fast.
We joined our hands, went home at last,
Forgetting quite, in joys amassed,
The question you had asked.

Fading of the Year

One whole year is
Fading, dying.
Winds of time go
Sighing, crying.
Mournful tears are
Falling, dropping,
Icy river,
Flowing, going,
Bears them all away.