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Favored among women,
Sword shall pierce your heart,
Disgraced and outcast one
Whose blessings come through deepest mother-pain.
Mara - bitter -
Simple serving maid,
Generations rise and call you blessed,
Bringer of the One who brings
Through sword and flame.

Winter Sketch

Dark branches draw their lines
Against the sky,
In sternest black and white of
Barren trees.
A charcoal smudge of cedars,
Bending low,
Bear down beneath the blanket
Sketch of snow.
Color daubing only here and there-
A flitting cardinal,
And bittersweet-
Relieve the monochrome
Of snowy branch.

I catch these moments here,
Then lose them all
As white swirls in
Upon a hiss of wind.
A sliding sound,
A sudden shift of scene,
The picture re-designed
By Artist hands.

New Project

I found this list of words. I love words (no surprise there, eh)? and as I browsed the list, little snippets of ideas began to pop out at me. I'm considering a series of themed short poems. We'll see how it goes.

Old Man's Muse

The old man with the distant eyes
Gazing out to sea
Forms all his dreams
Into a strand
Of timeless memory
And floats them out
To join the ships
Up-anchored from the quay.