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Random Dialogue Because I Can

I justified the bringing along of my massive laptop on vacation by churning out another chapter of God of Wind and Fire. I'm still in, what I refer to as, 'the messy middle'. It is still not particularly pretty, tidy, or even always very much fun. But the only way to get out of the middle is to keep moving forward. So here I am.
Anyway, I've recently come to two conclusions: 1. I really love writing sibling dialogue. 2. I should become a better artist so that I can make my own concept art. Do you know how nearly impossibly it is to find Mongolian-inspired artwork? And then try to narrow that down to Mongolian-inspired artwork that works with the mood and theme of the story... Agh!
Visuals are very helpful for me, but in lieu of suitable artwork to get the creative gears in motion, I've been listening to Mongolian music, of which YouTube thankfully has a pretty good supply. Yay!
Anyway, here's some of the aforementioned dialogue. Nothing earth-shakingly spectacular, b…


God of moon, God of sun,
Lord of creation
Singular and vast,
That is yet mere nothingness to You,

Light my darkness,
Shield me from the scorching desert day,
Surround  me with the greatness
That You are.