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Greater Love Has No Man: A Short Story

I do not write about marriage and couples and falling in love. It's something I know next-to nothing about, so I steer clear. But this story idea has been wandering about in the back of my mind for several years now and I thought, 'hey, it's Valentine's Day. Why not give it a try?'  So anyway...

"We're through. Done." His shoulders sagged beneath the admission of defeat. "Nothing left to do but sell out and leave.
   "Oh." She said. It was a flat, stale word, doing no justice to the feelings that surged inside her. She was torn between joy over her own gratification and a sudden sorrow for his dead dream. Standing before the dishpan, she slowly washed and washed a cracked china plate with her gaze directed straight in front.
   "One good thing. I know you'll be happy to get out of this place." He was looking at her, waiting for her response. She turned to face him.
   "Yes." She said,…

Don't Listen to the Weatherman That Much

Source Don't listen to the weatherman That much, (We're living in Missouri, what's
The use)? But when the juncos all begin to Hustle, You better start preparing... It'll snow.