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Winds of Time

Catch the wind in your fingers
Sing the song that lingers,
Whispering in your ears.
    The wind goes rushing past,
    So make this moment last.
    As the magic disappears.
        Your hands are full of mem'ries,
        Ghost wind stirs the old trees.
        How quickly fly the years!


Whom do they see?
Do they see me,
Or only the shell-
My outward looks?
    Unruly brown hair,
    A sparkling pair
    Of bright blue eyes,
    And a lopsided smile.
    Ruffled peasant shirt,
    That silk wrap skirt.
    Celtic knot necklace,
    And tall black boots.
Or can they see,
When they look at me,
That behind this mask
Lies a greater Power?
    That I am dead,
    And in my stead
    There reigns a God
    Of grace and truth.
    By giving all
    And letting fall
    That crazed illusion
    Of control,
    I am free
    To truly be
    The real self
    That God created.


A moment past,
Friendship broken,
Words of comfort
Left unspoken.

Tresk: A Continuing Story Part 1

The first time I posted this, it showed up in an almost unreadable format. I'm trying again, this time with the edited version.

For a long time now, I have toyed with the idea of writing a serial story. The other night I was feeling rather reckless and inspired, so I decided to just go ahead and jump in. I have my plot worked out, so all I really need to do is write it down. I have already written a short story about some of the characters you will find in this piece, but now I want to lengthen their lives by putting them in a novel. My goal will be to post a new segment each month. That is the goal. In reality, I will probably get busy with one of the other innumerable other projects I'm always getting sucked into and forget to post anything for six months. Anyway, I'm hoping that this project will accomplish several things for me: 1) Hold me (somewhat) accountable to working on one story. 2) Bring me constructive criticism from people 3) Break a long s…