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Bits & Snatches & Lessons Learned

I just realized that my last post on this blog was written in July, and the last God of Wind and Fire post is from way back in April. 
The truth is, that living takes up so much of my mental capacity that I don't seem to have much space for anything else. All of my writing went on hold because I knew there were certain plot problems that were keeping me from pressing onward, and I just didn't have the space to sit down, figure out what they were, how to resolve them, and how to move on. It took nearly a week of quiet and calm before my mind got out of survival mode and started being creative again. 
During that period of time, I've learned a couple of things: 
If someone who knows you well tells you that you really should find a way to get back to being creative, you should definitely listen. Your sanity...and your fictional characters...will thank you.I have, potentially, the best beta-reader in my sister, Carrie. She doesn't tell me that my work is wonderful. …