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Short Story: The Tavern at the Edge of the Galaxy

On Friday, I had the privilege of doing Friday Introductions and taking over the stories on the Art Stew 52 Instagram account. The prompt for that week was 'Ship/Boat', so as a group activity, I asked everyone to send me whatever popped into their heads when they thought about boats and ships, and I'd take all of the ideas and write a piece of flash fiction from them. 
Well, there were a lot of ideas, and the flash fiction turned into more of a short story. I think the whole thing, from concept to finished first draft (which I then proceeded to read aloud on a live video) took me about three hours. It was such an interesting experience to write a short story based on other people's interpretations of a prompt, and within a time limit. Definitely something I'd like to do again sometime!
Here's the story (after some editing).

Darrionstumbled into the Tavern at the Edge of the Galaxy. His boots were clumsy and heavy after so many barefooted days in the riggings, a…