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Saturday Morning at the Beach


One Morning at Stein's Pawnshop; A Short Story

The bell above the door had long ago ceased to fulfill its purpose in life. Instead, it was a broadening shaft of morning sun let in by the opening door that caught Stein's attention. Reflexively adopting a tough expression, he looked up to see who'd come in.
"Oh." His harshness melted a little at the edges. "It's you, Peg."
"It's me." Peg confirmed. She stepped forward, and the sun made a momentary halo of her yellow curls before the door closed and shut it off. 
Stein noticed, with apprehension, that her hands were trembling slightly, as they always did when she was preparing herself for something. "Look, you're a good girl, Peg," he said, hurriedly, "but if it's about that job. Well, I've already given you my answer and it's final. This shop can barely support me and the boy."

"I said I wouldn't ask you again an' I won't." Peg drew a deep breath, bracing herself.

Don't you le…