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And So Let Us Always Burn: A Short Story

I re-discovered this blog, The Inkpen Authoress, wherein the authoress, Rachel, hosts a monthly event called Chatterbox. Basically, she posts a writing prompt at the beginning of each month, and anyone who feels so inclined may take her prompt and run with it. This month's prompt was Pyrotechnics, which, you might be interested to know, is defined as: 
1. a firework display. the art of making or displaying fireworks. noun: pyrotechnics 2. a brilliant performance or display of a specified skill.
A fascinating subject, I'm sure you'd agree. I used the opportunity to explore a little bit further into some of the history and customs of a culture that I've created for a novel-in-progress. The Namir are even more enthusiastic about fire and explosions than I am, so it felt like a good fit. 

And So
Let Us Always 

   "My hafeed, Nuhad, has done well by himself today." Rahim said.
   Tamir nodded agreement. "And the trial has been hard this year."
   "Aye, w…

Let Waves Come In

Let waves come in And wash away  The sadness from your soul, And salt winds comb The world-dust from your hair; Renew your jaded sight  And find The wonder everywhere.

Mutely Stands the Evidence

Mutely stands the evidence
Of words:
A notebook, pen,
A tea-stained mug or two
And sofa cushions lightly
Flung aside.
So lonely with the ghosts
Of laughter past.