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Winter Thaw

Splush! Splush! Splush!
Sloshing through the mud
Brown splatters half-way up
My faded jeans.
Listening to the
Incessant peep
Of new-awakened frogs.

Blue sky foretells
Early Spring.
But I am not fooled.
Though tree-frogs call
And the little birds
Begin to sing,
It’s still February.


Yellow grasses,
Reaching toward blue sky.
Wild, distant cry
Of a bold hawk.

Clouds overhead,
Blow in the spring wind.
Grasses sway and bend,
Dance in the breeze.

A quiet peace
Flows all around me,
Setting my soul free
Of all its care.

A presence stirs,
And my soul awakes;
Its worry forsakes
In the stillness.

God in the sky,
In the swaying grass.
Nothing can surpass
His perfect peace.