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Little Mystery

There is a little Mystery
Lurking just behind that tree.
I'm almost sure
That it is there.
I think I feel
Its impish stare.
Look to see?
I wouldn't dare!
For, you know,
I couldn't bear
Not to have a Mystery
Lurking just behind that tree.


Can you hear a silent clamor of
Throughout the land
As your bejeweled courtiers
Set up a fateful
For its most gruesome play?

Can you see the common cattle
As you ride along,
With whitened knuckles clenching,
And down-cast eyes all
As they await the storm?

Can you feel their starvling fingers
At your sacred flesh?
Hard faces raving, craving,
With lust-filled eyes and
To feast on your blue blood.

The Lullaby

Do you remember that one dark night,
When I woke up
In a shivering fright?

You came and sat down beside my bed.
Your warm hands soothed
My small, worried head.

And then you sang me a simple song.
You held each note
Out sweetly and long,
Then let it drop down into the dark -
A calming prayer,
Or a tiny spark -
That somehow transformed a night of fear
Into a place
Where our God was near.

The Secret

An old, old poem I found when I was looking for something else.

The king told the queen a secret deep and dark,
The queen told the princess, who wore the royal mark.
The princess told the maidens who tended by her bed
And they were so incredulous they smacked her on the head.
The maids-in-waiting ran
And told the royal cook
She was so astonished
She could only stand and look.
The cook told the scullery maid, who sat by a pot of stew.
The girl, she tumbled head first in. (It nearly drowned her too).
The scullery maid, she told the cat,
Who told the royal rat.
As there was no one else to tell,
It had to stop at that.
Now this, the deep dark secret, I would gladly tell to you.
But what the secret really was, no one ever knew!

Not bad for a 12 or 13 year old, right?


Walks up the car
So importantly.
Cash jingles in his pockets
(Unlike me).

Behind a mask
Of false reality.
Concealing thoughts and feelings
(Just like me).