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The Pine and the Poet

The Pine

I whispered my secrets,
But no-one would hear
So I stood all alone for many a year
And cried emerald tears for many a year.
My feet in the soil,
My arms in the sky,
So lonely I stood as the world passed me by.
Friendless and mute as the world passed me by.

I stood to my watching
As seasons went 'round...
I heard all the secrets that run through the ground -
Rumors of darkness that shudder the ground.
The birds filled my branches
With news from the sky
As days faded darkly and slow years passed by.
I stood and listened as slow years passed by.

The Poet

I stood beside an ancient tree
And listened as it sang to me
Lore of wood and earth and sky
The song of ages passing by.

I leaned against the scaly bark
And shut my eyes against the dark
Of a world that could not see
The beauty of a noble tree.

It may have been mere fantasy...
I thought the pine sighed gratefully -
Glad that I had stopped at last
To hear the wind-song of the past.

A Tribute

Mostly to Robert W. Service, through whose verses I have caught a glimpse of the raw, wild beauty that surrounded him.

My heart beats a rhythm, A rhythm of the seas, The pulse of the setting sun Goldening the trees. Beat of the mountains, Straining to the sky, Drum roll of thunder Blustering by. My heart beats a cadence  All out of time With things that we silly folk Call verse and rhyme. Catching the elf tunes Pulsing in the wind, Dance in the wilderness - She is my friend.  My heart feels her pulses And leaps in reply, Chasing the white clouds Through a blue sky. Waves with the grasses, Sings with the breeze, Ancient as the mountains, Boundless as the seas...

...I sit in my town house With a cup of tea, My mind for a spyglass, My book for a key, To unlock my fancies And stray for a time... Lost in the world Of a great poet's rhyme.


As I sat, gazing out to sea,
Sprightly Muse came up to me.
She beckoned with a dainty hand,
Then danced away across the sand.
Her dark hair floated out behind
And cast a spell upon my mind.
I felt that I must follow her,
The tidal world became a blur -
A shapeless grey monotony -
Of rolling sand and rolling sea.

I churned the tide foam with my feet,
Muse ran before me, lithe and fleet.
My straining fingers tried to clasp
Her garment in a clutching grasp,
But she seemed immaterial,
Fair, remote, ethereal.
Always she evaded me,
Heedless of my frantic plea
For her to stop and stay awhile.
She mocked me with a charming smile
Flung back through her dusky hair
As she looked 'round and saw me there
Panting hopelessly behind
By sad mortality confined.

I gathered strength for one more try,
And, dashing forward with a cry,
Brushed her clothing with my hand,
Then tumbled to the sodden sand.

I quickly glanced, but Muse had gone
Swiftly, silently withdrawn,
And carelessly abandoned me
To weep…


Final, fatal moments pass -
Stare into life's looking glass -
Then turn slowly 'round to find
Real world waiting just behind.

Frost Song

The sky was clear, without a cloud,
And silver moon shone on a shroud
Of hoary frost.
I wandered lonely through the night
And gazed on the bewitching sight
Of gleam and luster.
I thought I heard a chanting song,
Fair, ruthless voices of a throng
Of many thousands.
I turned my ear to catch the theme -
A lovely, cruel, chilling dream -
Of singing frost.

"Yield to our shining enchantment,
Yield to the spell of our song,
Drift into the sleep that is endless,
Cold death, so resistless and strong.

Do not dream of fresh flowers or bird hymns,
Or the sunshine's enlivening rays.
Do not dream of the coming of springtime,
Or warmth of the lengthening days.

Let your slumbers be filled with our singing,
And your dreams be of darkness and frost.
Forget your vain hopes of the summer.
Our spell is complete - you are lost."

The sky was clear, without a cloud,
And silver moon shone on a shroud
Of hoary frost.
I lay, enchanted, in the night,
And closed my eyes upon the sight
Of gleam and …