The Pine and the Poet

The Pine

I whispered my secrets,
But no-one would hear
So I stood all alone for many a year
And cried emerald tears for many a year.
My feet in the soil,
My arms in the sky,
So lonely I stood as the world passed me by.
Friendless and mute as the world passed me by.

I stood to my watching
As seasons went 'round...
I heard all the secrets that run through the ground -
Rumors of darkness that shudder the ground.
The birds filled my branches
With news from the sky
As days faded darkly and slow years passed by.
I stood and listened as slow years passed by.

The Poet

I stood beside an ancient tree
And listened as it sang to me
Lore of wood and earth and sky
The song of ages passing by.

I leaned against the scaly bark
And shut my eyes against the dark
Of a world that could not see
The beauty of a noble tree.

It may have been mere fantasy...
I thought the pine sighed gratefully -
Glad that I had stopped at last
To hear the wind-song of the past.


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