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My hands reach up to Heaven
  But my feet are still
  Planted in the ground.
I've jumped into the river
  But my heart still yearns
  Toward the shore.
All I lack is courage
  To let go and drift away,
  Set my roots in better soil.
Lift me up and throw me in,
  Transplant my failing heart.
  I can't do this on my own.


You are the beautiful one.
When Your presence fills this place,
How I long to see Your face.
You are the beautiful one
Your nearness is my light,
Though veiled from my poor sight.
You are the beautiful one.
You are my heart's desire.
You set my soul afire.
You are the beautiful one.
Lord, I want to see You now
As I humbly bow.
You are the beautiful one.


Throbbing brain.
Body strain.
Soul in pain.
Bloody stain.
King to reign.
Gore and agony of love.


Broken record playing
The memories of pain
Words and thoughts and feelings
Poisoning my brain.
All I want is freedom
To be what I should be
But theses dark thoughts keep their iron grip on me.

Can You loose the shackles
That bind my weary heart?
Give me hope for freedom
And a fresh new start?
How I long to trust You
But something holds me back
Oh Lord would You reform me
And be all that I lack.

Missed Opportunity

I passed You by
Along the way,
Busy with me-
My thoughts,
My life-
And when I realized
What I'd missed,
I turned around
But You'd moved on
To someone else.

Soul Eyes

Open the eyes of my soul
And let me see
Your glory.
A wide world
With Your wonders
Each blade of grass
A miracle
Of itself.
Each floating cloud
A marvel
Beyond comprehension.
Open the eyes of my soul
And let me see You
In all things.


I will be me,
The beautiful me,
The me that is
A part of You,
Created in
Your image.