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5:30 a.m.



Sweep: soul, heart, courtyard,
Street and every room; freshness
In the morning rain.

Chatterbox: Wayfarers

I must admit that I'm a thoroughly timorous novelist, and though I've let out a few dark hints about my (untitled) 'work in progress', no-one except my younger brother has read more than a few words of the thing. But when I saw that this month's Chatterbox theme was 'Travel by Foot', I realized that it would be a perfect fit for sharing a bit of my novel, since the main character spends a rather large portion of the first bit wandering about the countryside. I'm going to hold myself back from reminding you that this is a first draft and that I'm going to do a lot of re-writing and blah and blah and blah, and just go ahead and share the thing, because really, I think it's time to let someone besides my brother in on this.

- Wayfarers -

I splashed water over my head and neck, then turned my attention to my aching feet, wincing as I carefully removed my boots and socks. The long days of travel in ill-fitting shoes had wreaked havoc on my feet. The…