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The trees are greening,
Buds are swelling,
And birds are rejoicing
In gentle winds
And cloudless skies.

New life is forming
And pushing out
Of moist, brown earth.
Daffodils and crocuses
Reaching toward the sun.

The world is shaking free
Of winter's grip
And being renewed
By sunshine
And gentle rains.

But here...
I sit
Under foreign stars
And watch a dieing year
Wane with the moon.


How I envy
Your smug shell
Of security!
Of your invulnerability
As you live your simple life.

My own shell
Has been broken.
I can no longer believe
That security is found
In physical things.

Comfort zones
Are part of the past
As I am pushed out of one life
And into another.

Luxury of Tears

Oh, how I want a silent place
Where I can pour my troubled soul
Out in shining tears beneath the starlight.
Away from the uncaring ears
Of a falsely joyful world
Where smiles matter more than being real.
With stifled sobs my heart is sore
Oh, for the luxury of tears!
To cry, and find some healing in my pain.