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Book People

Each face a page
For me to read
The rage
Or greed
Of human souls
That blindly grope
For higher goals
And hope.

Lightening Bugs in a Jar

Put the lesser stars
In jars,
And watch the lanterns fade -
Grin in that despotic way
And stay
To watch your subjects fly
And die...
Kill the lesser stars
With jars.


You're searching for a quiet spot
To sit, and have a little thought.
A place unhaunted by the fears
Of daily cares and passing years.
A place untroubled by the beat
And aimless rush of many feet.
   You want a grassy corner where,
   Untroubled by the mocking stare,
   Of those who do not understand
   You'll take a pen into your hand.
   Take pen, and write a simple song
   To pass unnoticed by the throng.

But then, someday when you are dead,
And granite molders at your head,
A careworn soul will read your lay
Of starry night and sunny day
And find the courage to depart
The beaten paths, and make a start
   Upon the peaceful, grassy way
   Where only kindred feet will stray.
   At length to seek a weathered stone -
   A grassy tomb, at peace, alone -
   And say, (perhaps with grateful tear),
   'My friend, your song has brought me here.'

Portrait of a Spring Day

Black road
Brown clay
Fresh bloom
Cold day
Dark sky
Sun ray
Rain drip
Calves play
Green field
Clouds grey...
In one
Spring day.

Rainy 4th of April

Daffodils crouch down
To weep, to drown,
Beneath a sobbing sky.
Timid April shivers -
Winter passes by.