You're searching for a quiet spot
To sit, and have a little thought.
A place unhaunted by the fears
Of daily cares and passing years.
A place untroubled by the beat
And aimless rush of many feet.
   You want a grassy corner where,
   Untroubled by the mocking stare,
   Of those who do not understand
   You'll take a pen into your hand.
   Take pen, and write a simple song
   To pass unnoticed by the throng.

But then, someday when you are dead,
And granite molders at your head,
A careworn soul will read your lay
Of starry night and sunny day
And find the courage to depart
The beaten paths, and make a start
   Upon the peaceful, grassy way
   Where only kindred feet will stray.
   At length to seek a weathered stone -
   A grassy tomb, at peace, alone -
   And say, (perhaps with grateful tear),
   'My friend, your song has brought me here.'


  1. I love the second half; the first, not as much, though I'm not sure why. Perhaps the first lines felt a little more plodding and predictable, whereas the second were more effortlessly lyrical. A difference in the sorts of words chosen, I think. Part 1 has all the rhythm and rhyme of Part 2, but less of a sense of rarer words used in new ways. (I hope that came across halfway clear...)

    My favorite lines:
    "A careworn soul will read your lay..."
    "Where only kindred feet will stray..."
    And the sweet triumph of the end -- " 'My friend, your song has brought me here.' "

    1. Yes, I think I worked harder on the first bit...and it shows a little too much. The second part just flowed out.


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