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The Moon

The moon,
More gracious than the sun,
Retires with a modest air,
Drawing up her mantle stars
To make a single,
Queenly bow
Before her light
Is faded.

The Fire Glows in Ever Smaller Rings

The fire glows
In ever smaller rings
And winter blusters,
Hungry, at my door,
But thoughts of greater men
Lie in my hands
And filled with words
I am no longer poor.

By the way, you should really follow the link at the bottom of the image and check out more of Linda Connor's incredible photography.

I'm Planting Out A Tree By Way of Sign

I'm planting out
A tree
By way of sign,
So that I may
Return along
This path,
Of the things
That came before...
The marks I left
Upon a stranger land
And all the changes
That it wrought
In me.

If We Could All Stop Walking for a Moment

If we could all stop Walking for a moment And let the silence filter Through the leaves, I'm almost sure we'd Overhear the splendor God whispers back and forth Between the trees.

Amid the Darkness of an Early Dawn

Amid the darkness
Of an early dawn,
The sunrise of my heart
Enclosed by walls,
A morning bird
Sings loudly from a tree;
Recalls my hope
For worlds
Beyond the night.

Apologies to those of you who got hold of this link before I revised the poem. I should have listened to the still, small voice of Instinct when it whispered that this one wasn't ready to be posted yet.

There is A Symmetry in Life

There is a symmetry in life -
A thing I don't yet
Comprehend -
I live in patterns of
But trust the shape is balanced,
Formed and led
By Master hands.

The Household of My Loneliness

The household of my loneliness
Is full of life and cheer
For in it I
Commune with those
Who seek their shelter here.
A brotherhood of those who flee
The madness of our time...
In search of rest,
We gather in
Our solitude sublime.

Out Together

Rising early,
Bedding late,
Is my honest pleasure.
The sun, the moon,
And I are out