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An Old Oak to a Young Year

Crown of stars,
Cloak of gold -
Older than your
Oldest old -
Stand to watch
The ages fly...
Clouds across
A fading sky.

I shall stand,
With starlit head,
And bemoan
Your empty dead.
I shall stand
And hear the sigh
Of a life-age
Passing by.


My heart was heavy as a stone
As I stood there,
All alone,
In a world of human faces,
Brick and pavement,
Airs and graces.
All alone
Without a tree
Or wild thing
To comfort me.

The Heralds of Spring

The croplands are a palette
Of purple, brown and green.
My yard a mass of hyacinth
With daffodils between.
A rogue March wind plays havoc
On neatly braided hair,
And brings a smell of greening
To clean the lifeless air.
Reclusive little pussy toes
Peep from their fairy ring,
And strident herald starlings
Declare the coming spring.

Would Anyone Be Interested?

As an artist, I often wish that there was a place where I could go and get artistically re-charged. A place that was full of all the music, pictures, and poetry that made me feel like 'I can actually do this'. So, my thought was, 'why not create a blog?' Yes, ANOTHER blog. I guess I should just face up to the fact that I have an addiction. ;-)

Anyway, this wonderful new blog would be a place where I could collect all of the things that inspire me into one organized, easily accessible place and possibly also post some tutorials, articles, or other kinds of what-not that I find interesting.

But, of course, I must be a visionary. Whatever ideas I have must immediately be expanded into some big, grandiose dream. So, I decided that it would be really amazing if other artsy souls could contribute, and the blog could turn into some sort of place where artists could just hang out and be inspired. This idea is still very much in its infancy, but I'm pretty sure that it'…