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Chatterbox: We Were Not Born for Idleness

The Inkpen Authoress posted this month's Chatterbox topic.  Passing the Time And since we had a power outtage and I couldn't work on the newsletter and it was still too early to go to bed...I sat down and typed out this bit of dialogue. 

We  were not - Born - for  Idleness

   Altan pulled out a battered chair and dropped astride it with her arms folded over the back. "It's said that King Marcellenus has declared war against Helmut of Angar."
   "Again?" Baatar took a long pull at his tankard and drew the back of his hand across his mouth.
   "Aye, well, he is but an upstart cockerel of a king."
   "Determined to make a name for himself or lose his kingdom." Baatar snorted. "And the latter seems the most likely."
   Altan shrugged. "Little care I for that. But both sides will be needing warriors."
   "'Tis said that their peoples are on the brink of starvation. Their lands are stripped bare, and rumor has it th…