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Sad Rain

The heavens are weeping. Wrapped in a mourning cloak of darkness.  Rain-tears are seeping Into the sad, wet ground.
Gaunt pine trees are crying, Sodden green boughs heavy in the rain. Wind is sighing Mournfully in the night.
But bright dawn soon appears, Bringing happiness to the sad night. Earth dries her tears, Rejoicing in new life.

Summer Rain

Rain comes marching across the fields A rushing sound And the dry, cracked ground Thirstily drinks.
Withered trees wave their drooping limbs In the fresh wind. Branches sway and bend Expectantly.
Small inhabitants of the grass Quiver in awe, Watching the rain draw Its grey curtain.
A parched earth waits in eagerness The coming rain. Roused to life again By lively wind.

God Everywhere

My Father, I feel so alone,
Forsaken by all.
Are You near?
Can You hear
When I cry out?

My child, I am here with you,
My spirit is in all good things.
My glory in the sky above,
In sunshine warmth you feel My love.

My voice breathes strongly on the wind,
My splendor shines from sunset clouds.
My cleansing comes with every rain
To wash you free from blot and stain.

My judgments in the lightning wild,
My majesty in tempest shows.
In all of nature I display
The workings of My mighty way.

I Would Be...

I would be the moon,
Reflecting the light of the Son of Sons.
I would be a drop
In the vast ocean of His love.
I would be a chisel
In the hand of the Master Carpenter.
I would be a single note
In His symphony of grace.
I would be used
By the Creator of heaven and earth.

Dogwood Tree

White lady,
Dancing through the trees,
Arms flung wide
In the spring-time breeze.

White lady,
In her snowy gown.
On her head,
Delicate green crown.

White lady,
Swaying in the breeze,
Arms flung wide,
Flitting through the trees.

The Two of Us

Outlined against the sky,
We stood to watch the clouds go by.
Childhood friends,
The two of us.

High on that grassy hill
The wheels of time seemed to stand still,
As we watched,
The two of us.

We did not heed that strange
Sound on the wind, the notes of change.
The two of us.

Playtime gone, childhood days
Are viewed through a nostalgic haze.
Grown up now,
The two of us.

Spring Rain

You made a dash,
But the rain caught you
With the first splash
Of a raindrop on your nose.
Now your wet hair
Streams down your back.
You do not care
As you dance in the spring rain.

Spring Promise

Tiny buds on each brown bow,
On every hill a mist of green.
A calf beside the placid cow,
The redbud tree a blushing queen.

On each gentle wind that blows
Comes greening promise of the spring,
The promise of brown garden rows,
Promise of each growing thing.

The Future

Six feet stepping along the road,
Linked by ties of rhythmic motion.
Stepping light beneath their load
Of youthful worries.

Six legs moving altogether,
Strong young muscles beneath tanned skin.
Bend, step, light as a feather,
Heedless of distance.

Six arms swinging in cadent time,
Reaching toward unknown tomorrow.
Confident in youthful prime
Of a bright future.

Three shadows following behind,
Bulking small in the noontide glare.
Following each twist and wind,
Into tomorrow.

Two Friends on a Bridge

Side-by-side, We stood upon the little bridge,
And gazed into the flowing tide,
The swirling eddies below.

We leaned over the weathered rail
And watched the changing, liquid charm
Of a pale winter sunset.

The river,
Frozen in eternal motion,
With scarcely a crest or quiver,
Forever poured between the rocks.

We stood there,
In companionable silence,
And watched the sunset’s fading glare
As we shared our deepest thoughts.


When the flowers bow their heads,
And fold their petals low,
The golden sun lies down to sleep
In brilliant afterglow,
The fairy lanterns come a-dancing,

From out the glooming half-light
Lanterns begin to glow,
As the elfin Twilight People
Skip lightly to and fro,
With fairy lanterns all a-dancing,