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I Found Him by the Shore

I promised, way back in July, that I would begin introducing you to more of my characters. Even though she didn't feature in the original list, Carrie requested some more information about Bayarmaa, from God of Wind and Fire. Because I woke up insanely early on a Sunday morning and didn't feel like doing much else, I wrote out this little dialogue exchange for her. "I found him by the shore." Bayarmaa bent gracefully and dipped up a bowlful of stew.
She passed the dripping bowl. "And the grey rain was falling and the late sun gleamed through a cloud-rift and shone around him."
"He is very sick." Ganbold observed.
"He is strong."
"And Father says he will stay?"
"Would you turn a stranger from the hearth?"
Ganbold's jaw knotted. "No..."
"Is the food to your liking?" She inquired, sweetly. "What makes you frown so?"
"I wonder only what changes will come to us becaus…

Drawn Up Upon the Sand

Drawn up upon the sand
We gaze, aghast,
At all the hulks of those who've gone before;
The shipwreck shells of any foreign shore.
We do not reckon real
The yearning years
That strain us to their bosom, beat our tears
Into the salt-sea tides
And leave us last
To glory in the graces
Of our past.

Bits & Snatches; 'Another Time', He Said

Two quick-tempered characters constantly locking horns. An intriguing new guy who seems to have popped out of nowhere. Plus a war. And debating whether my dialogue is too antiquated.

That has been my writing for the month of October. God of Wind and Fire is living up to its rather volatile name.  
The women saw them off in the dark of morning with subdued farewells and a scattering of milk spread on the wind as a blessing.
-- --
She stood over him, watching the fire-shadows flicker across his face. The three days’ stubble on his chin shone golden in the light and he looked almost boyish, she thought. Almost as he had when the stubble first started and he’d boasted to her of his manhood. Altan smiled, and bent to drape her own cloak around him. She added fuel to the fire and banked it up against the chill of the night.
He raised the bowl of kumis in a salute to Altan and sipped before presenting her with the rest.
“Another time.” He said and turned away, leaving Altan in the red-gleaming …