Bits & Snatches; 'Another Time', He Said

Two quick-tempered characters constantly locking horns. An intriguing new guy who seems to have popped out of nowhere. Plus a war. And debating whether my dialogue is too antiquated.

That has been my writing for the month of October. God of Wind and Fire is living up to its rather volatile name.  

The women saw them off in the dark of morning with subdued farewells and a scattering of milk spread on the wind as a blessing.

She stood over him, watching the fire-shadows flicker across his face. The three days’ stubble on his chin shone golden in the light and he looked almost boyish, she thought. Almost as he had when the stubble first started and he’d boasted to her of his manhood. Altan smiled, and bent to drape her own cloak around him. She added fuel to the fire and banked it up against the chill of the night.


He raised the bowl of kumis in a salute to Altan and sipped before presenting her with the rest.

“Another time.” He said and turned away, leaving Altan in the red-gleaming solitude of the fire.

She drained what was left in the bowl, then lay back against the unyielding ground and frowned up at the stars.


"It will be almost too easy," She commented, "to halt them when they are down below and we on the heights. A company of crones could do as well as warriors. There is not much honor in it."

"I have fought the Horse warriors before." Batukhan was serious. "There will be honor enough."

Who was she, that he might dismiss her so?


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