Let Waves Come In

Let waves come in
And wash away 
The sadness from your soul,
And salt winds comb
The world-dust from your hair;
Renew your jaded sight 
And find
The wonder everywhere. 


  1. I'm on top of a mountain in Puerto Rico w/ my big bro but when I say I want to go to the beach, down, down, down we go...to let the salt wind blow the world dust from my hair.

    1. Ah, that sounds lovely! I've been relishing the photos that have made their way onto Facebook.

  2. This is such a beautiful and descriptive poem, Janie! I really like it.

  3. Thanks, Clara. I'm glad that you like it.

  4. I often need the world-dust blown from my hair, but the last line is even better. Beautiful, Janie! I hope you are well.

  5. I am well, yes, though sometimes a trip to the beach is a much-needed retreat in order to marshal perspective.


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