The Bard's Song

Come sit awhile
And stay awhile
I'll sing you a song to pass the while...
A song of days gone by.

I'll sing of the deeds
Of great kings of old,
Of legends now left
To rot and mold
With the bones of yesteryear.

Of dragons I'll sing,
And fair dragon-gold,
Hoarded for ages
In deep caverns cold,
Luring the brave to their doom.

I'll sing of heroes,
The heroes of old,
With strong arm of might,
And sword-steel so cold.
And valorous names they won.

So, come sit awhile,
And stay you awhile,
I'll sing you a song to pass the while...
A song of days gone by.


  1. I liked this one a lot. :) I'm not 100% sure what type of style you were using, but there are different styles, and sometimes people make up styles too. One way or another, I really enjoyed it.

    I wrote one similar to this once. :) a long time ago. actually two. really short though.

    The first one was:

    welcome minstrel, welcome bard
    If you've a tale to tell
    you'll find of me a listening ear
    an open heart as well
    but here I'll warn you e're you start
    You'll find me open too
    to speak adventure with quick tongue
    and tell my tales to you.

    anyway, you're poem made me think of it. :) I won't post the other one because... well, just because.

    But so far I like what I'm seeing. keep it up.

    ~Nichole White

  2. Thank you! I liked your poem VERY much! I don't really have any particular 'style'. I mostly just write in the way I feel like writing at the time. Therefore, you will probably find all sorts of odd styles on this blog. ;-) But thanks for reading!


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