Sunset Imaginings

A rift of clouds is forming,
Low across the western sky.
In their midst the sun is setting
Like a baleful, glowing eye.

A dragon head my fancy forms
Amongst the greying clouds.
The sun becomes a dragon's orb,
Red glaring from the shrouds.

Still now! Do not speak or move!
The dragon's eye is turning!
North and South he bends his gaze,
All wrathful, hot and burning.

Magic falls upon the world,
A dragon spell is casting.
From that eye enchantment comes;
Doom, death, and fire blasting.

Silent earth is bathed in red,
Each grass and tree and flower
Outlined in the gory hue
That comes from dragon power.

Lo! Along the western hills
Devouring flames have started.
The world soon swept in raging fire
That dragon gaze has darted.

Behold! The eye is closing
And dragon spells are broken.
Red light fades as flames die out
And night time is awoken.


  1. This is terrific, Janie. Very well done.
    My favorite line is "And night time is awoken."

  2. Very nice. I love your imagination.

  3. Ooo! Two whole comments, and complimentary ones at that! Thank you! Gaceglory, that was probably my favorite line, as well. Erin, I, too, am fond of my imagination...funny how that happens. ;-)

  4. Oh crumbs! My wink didn't turn out. ;-) There.


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