Daily Poem

Poetically speaking, this has been a far-from stellar week. Nothing rhymed. I missed a few days. I really wasn't sure if I wanted to post at all. But I suppose this will be good for my humility, if nothing else.

November 1
Shaking with excitement,
I can not sleep tonight -
God's go-ahead resounding
In my ears -
A new chapter
Of this life I have on loan.

Obviously, I didn't do much sleeping this week. :-/ 

November 2
Sleep runs away
On swiftest feet.
I strive
(In vain)
To catch her.

November 3 (etched into my notebook page with an ink-less pen)
'Blessed is he
Who has not seen
But has believed'.

I ache for that day
When I can
Truly see.

November 4
What shall I write?
There are no words,
Only empty lines
To mock me
With their stubborn silence.
A man once said
That writing about writing
Is what folks do
Instead of writing.
I think I see now
What he meant.

Oh goody! A two-fer! I think the second one might be dead, though.

A silver moon,
A silver dawn,
A silver silence
By the whir
Of wings
In frosty air.
The morning magic.
No fit place
For me to abroad in -
My big shoes
All the frost.

No cats were harmed in the making of this poem. I promise.

November 5
Killed the cat
As she followed,
Behind the dog.


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