Daily Poem

Erm...I'm late. Desculpe. 

You might recognize this first one as being a more structured version of one of last week's poems. 

November 7
A silver moon
A silver dawn
A silver silence
Carried on
The rushing wings
Of frosty air.
And I?
Well, I do not belong
I am too permanent
And strong.
I crush the transience
Of frost
Beneath my feet
And it is lost.

November 10
Break the silence
Not the dream.
Nothing lasts forever.
Dream-worlds may
Erode and fall
But silent things are stronger.

You knew there had to be a piece of utterly inexcusable doggerel somewhere. Well, here it is:

November 11
East or West,
Home is best...
I'd like a home
Both East and West.

November 12
Contentment here
With what I have -
The things that are
Or are to be.
A fire clicking
In the stove,
A book at rest
Upon my knee.
The evening hours
Are a time
Of peace and warmth
And glowing light.
A homely hearth,
A labor done,
And pleasant fancies
Taking flight.


  1. There are some pretty good ones in here. Your East West one is rather clever. At least I think so.


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