Blackberrying in the Rain

Rain gently fell upon the canes
And sweetly kissed
My tranquil face,
While calloused hands
(With purple stains)
Caressed the perfect,
Ripened fruits,
Admiring how the raindrops ran
In gleaming pools
Between the drupes.
I tasted of my little hoard,
So cool, firm, and freshly wet,
A yielding sweetness
From the days
Of sun and rain and dripping sweat.

I felt a certain swelling peace,
If this is life, then life is good!
I worship here, among the canes,
Bareheaded in the summer rains,
My busy fingers daubed with stains,
And heart turned up to God.


  1. Beautiful picture to go with your beautiful words. I went Blackberrying so often as a child; I wish I could go again! Your words bring back great memories of where I grew up in Tennessee, heading out with milk pails to harvest those purple-black berries in the heat and humidity of late July and August.

    1. Thanks for the comment! Most of my berrying happens during the heat, as well, but I discovered that a gentle rain makes the experience so much nicer.


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