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I was tagged for no fewer than three blog awards by two separate bloggers. It never rains but it pours, as they say.
Anyway, I don't normally do this sort of thing, but it seemed rude to ignore so many tags all at once.
So here goes...

Liebster Award tag by Wisdom Creates over at Commanded Writer.

1. Did you always love writing? I'm pretty sure that I wasn't actually born with a pen in one hand and paper in the other. But I was raised on a steady diet of good literature (thanks, Mom, Dad & older siblings), so it was only natural that I should start trying to create my own when the time came.
2. Do you keep a personal journal/diary? I have tried. Truly I have. But I think the world is destined to continue on without becoming posthumously privy to the details of my life.
3. How long have you been blogging? *checks blog archive on oldest blog* Since 2009, apparently.
4. Have you ever read the whole Bible? Several times. Once, I read the whole thing twice in one year. It was fun, but some bits required serious stamina (temple building instructions, I'm looking at you).
5. If you found a baby dinosaur in your backyard, what would you do? Love it and cuddle it and name it Fred. Actually not. Fred's a pretty lame name for a dinosaur.
6. Are you an oldest, somewhere in the middle, or youngest child in your family? I narrowly escaped being the youngest (thanks, bro), but spent a fairly large chunk of my life as the oldest at-home sister.
7. What is something artsy -- other than writing -- that you enjoy doing?  Music?  Drawing? Painting? Dance? Photography? Etc? I could give you a list, but I don't want to keep you here all day. Let's just say that pottery and metalsmithing are the only two things I can think of in which I haven't dabbled with more or less (frequently less) success.
8. What is something you like to do outdoors? All the things. All the time.
9. If you saw an old man with a weapon, threatening your parents, what would you do?  (Sorry for the dark question.  It's writerly research.) Just how old is this guy? And what kind of weapon does he have? I'd probably try to take him down if I thought there was a reasonable chance of doing so.
10. What is one word that you would like people to use to describe you? Mmm...radiant. Reflecting God's light onto everyone and everything.

And Clara from Quixlan Heirloom Seeds tagged me for another Liebster AND Sisterhood of Bloggers (the image for which is no longer available). 

1. Do you like eating or gathering wild edibles? I was really into that sort of thing when I was younger. It's probably due to Divine intervention that I never got sick. I'd probably still be into it if I had larger chunks of free time and lived in a place where there were wild edibles. I'm pretty sure that the neighbor's papaya tree doesn't count.
2. Which do you like better: Walking in the woods or watching hot coals/fire? How about a long walk in the woods, and then a fire? A nice, careful fire that doesn't burn down anything important.
3. Where do you live? Marvelous Moz!
4. Which do you like better: Tea, Coffee, or Hot Chocolate? How about all three! Though I'd have the hardest time living without tea.
5. Are you scared of spiders or do you think they are fun pets? Jumping spiders are pretty cute...for spiders. But I'm of the opinion that arachnids are best enjoyed in the great outdoors.
6. Do you own a harp, and if so, may I play it? Ha! I see what you did there! No, I don't technically own it...but it's fine with me if you want to play.
7. Which do you like better: Candlelight or electric light? I greet power outages with cries of delight. 
8. Would you prefer to own a dog or a cat better (if any?) Cats and I tend not to get along terribly well, whereas I can usually develop a pretty good understanding with a dog.
9. Do you have chickens? Yes. They're dead. In the freezer.
10. Do you know any languages besides English and are there any other languages you would like to learn? Depends who you ask. :) I know enough Portuguese to stagger along. I would also like to learn Sena, the tribal language of this part of Moz.
11. Do you plan to start your own business? If so, then what sort of business would it be? I've realized that I tend to do better if someone else is handling the paperwork and paying attention to those boring things like profit margin. However, I still haven't entirely relinquished my idea of opening a tea/coffee/book/pastry lounge someday. 

Thanks, ladies! I hope that I haven't succeeded in boring anyone to tears.

Now for my questions:

1. What's one thing that you're good at?
2. What color would you choose to describe your personality? Why?
3. Dream job/occupation?
4. List three of your current favorite books/movies.
5. List three of your all-time favorite books/movies.
6.What plot elements/themes/characters endeared those six to you?
7. List three of your favorite bloggers.
8. What specific elements/content motivated you to follow and engage with those blogs?
9. Frequent, short blog posts or less frequent, more in-depth posts?
10. What is one Bible verse or quote that has encouraged or challenged you recently?

The rules say that you're supposed to answer these questions, then type out your own questions and tag a bunch of other people. But...I don't know that many bloggers who I think would actually appreciate the tag. So I'm just going to nominate Jessica and Emily and then open this up for whoever wants to join in the fun. If you decide to answer, please let me know in the comments so I can hop over to your blog and read your replies.

Have fun!


  1. Hahaha! I LOVED your answers, Janie! They were fabulous and perfect in every way.
    I answered your questions. I know, I know. It's not customary to answer back like that. But I didn't have anything better to do, and your questions were fun. Here's the link:
    Thank you!

    1. Hey, glad you enjoyed yourself. I must say, I didn't think of my questions as 'fun'. But I never *was* very good at generating entertaining fluff...anyway, I had fun reading your answers, so thanks for taking it upon yourself to accept the tag.

  2. Yes, I play the harp at grandma's house that is not yours, but that you are maybe taking care of? I don't know how you can manage to do that all the way in Mozambique though!

    And when you start your tea/coffee/book/pastry lounge someday I will help you. I have actually wanted to do the same thing myself.


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