Quiet: A Reminder from Myself to Myself

A Reminder from Myself to Myself

You're young yet, so go ahead!
Burn the candle at both ends.
(This we've already done on many and many a long and sleepless night).
Fill up your days from dawn to dusking with talk and talk.
Toss worldly weights into the morning tea, submerging them with a joke, a jibe,
Resolve all cares across a pot of rice; dishing beans and laughs in equal portion.
Advise, defend, tease endlessly the ones we love so well.
Speak lightly things designed to make them smile.
Treat life as the spectacle it is, and you, upon the commentator's box,
Broadcast your jolliness to all the world.
Spill over with your joy, your endless laughter, the seeing of all things as but a jest.
Fill up, fill up, your days with gleeful clamor,
With voices loved,
With words that build 
A shining, stretching web betwixt us all.
For it is good, indeed, it truly is, 
For kin to live thus, all harmoniously!

But don't forget that, beyond the spectacle,
Beyond the fires, earthquakes, winds of life,
Beyond the laughter, and the endless joking, and problems tossed across a dining board,
A still, small voice speaks 
And speaks to only those,
Who've tuned their ears in silences to hear.

So, go carefully now, lest you rush by,
Unheeding of those whispers,
Those gentle words borne in upon the still
And quiet life of one who lives apart,
Lest you forget, in all your merry hustle,
That in the silences a voice may speak;
And that the voice is God's.

Originally posted on Instagram for the Art Stew 52 prompt, 'Quiet'


  1. That's an excellent reminder to more than just you, both to laugh and listen. I find it strange that I reminding to live and to pause...What am I doing with my time?

    1. What am I doing with my time?

      Maybe one of the most important - and also hardest to answer - questions I'll ever have to ask myself.


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